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Subscriber Network Descriptions

At Delta Dental, we’re proud to offer both Delta Dental PPO™ and Delta Dental Premier® networks to our members. The unique dual network gives members the opportunity to choose from a broader selection of dentists. No other national dental carrier comes close to the size of our network, and accordingly, no other carrier can offer the same amount of value and cost savings.

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  • Delta Dental PPO™ Network
  • Delta Dental PPO™ is one of Minnesota’s largest dental networks with 112,449 participating dentists. This network is available to any employer group and offers additional savings to your patients with options for enhanced benefits and lower out-of pocket costs.
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  • Delta Dental Premier®
  • Delta Dental Premier® Network is the largest dentist network in the country with more than 156,425 participating dentists. In fact, more than four-out-of-five dentists in the nation have agreed to accept Delta Dental’s pre-negotiated fees for dental procedures.

There are great advantages—and cost savings—for seeking treatment from a Delta Dental participating dentist:

  • A Delta Dental participating dentist has signed a participating and membership agreement with Delta Dental.
  • The dentist has agreed to accept our allowable charge as payment in full for covered dental care. A participating dentist is not allowed to bill more than our allowable charge.
  • A Delta Dental participating dentist will also file the claim directly with us. We will make payment directly to the participating dentist and you will receive an explanation of benefits detailing your financial responsibility for any deductible or coinsurance amounts.

For more information visist The Delta Dental Difference.

If dental services are received from a non-participating (out-of-network) dentist:

Reimbursement for the services will be paid directly to you, and you are responsible for paying your dentist. The allowances for services you receive from a non-participating dentist may be significantly less than what Delta Dental would pay a Delta Dental participating dentist. You may share more of the cost of your care and are responsible for the dental charges up to the dentist’s full-billed amount.

How to verify that your dentist is a Delta Dental participating dentist:

By checking with your dentist or Delta Dental Customer Service (see the back of your ID card for the phone number), you are assured that your dentist is still participating in the network. Consult your benefit booklet for more information regarding your specific plan design. We suggest you verify a dentist’s participation status with Delta Dental or your dental office before each appointment.

It’s easy to see if your dentist participates in the Delta Dental PPO™ or Delta Dental Premier network. Find a Dentist or call Customer Service at 1-800-448-3815.

If you are a provider please visit Delta Dental Networks for Providers.