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Oral Health

Your Oral Health is Connected to your Overall Health.

A healthy mouth is part of a healthier you.

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Learn about current topics and trends in dentistry and the importance of oral health as it relates to overall health from our team of experts.

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Good Oral Health Starts Even Before the First Tooth

Learn more about youth oral health.

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Acidic Drinks & Oral Health with Dr. Eileen Crespo

Wisdom Teeth 101 with Dr. Bruce Templeton

Baby Teeth, The building blocks to a health smiles with Dr. Nirmala Pradhu

Blog Articles

Illustration of a smiling woman holding leafy greens and standing in her garden
December 6th, 2023

How eating disorders affect your oral health

Dentists and their teams can be the first to detect a patient’s eating disorder because early warning signs can appear in the mouth.

Illustration of a family enjoying a meal for Thanksgiving
November 21st, 2023

Building a healthy plate this Thanksgiving

Even when enjoying festive foods and drinks, you can still care for your oral health. Here are some ideas for creating a balanced and nutritious plate this Thanksgiving.

Illustration of a woman sitting in a dental chair with a dentist standing next to the chair holding a dental tool toward her mouth. Lightning bolts indicate pain from the patients mouth
November 16th, 2023

Genetics & cavities

Genetics shape many things about you – including things that impact your oral health.