Delta Dental Networks for Minnesota Providers
Delta Dental of Minnesota

Minnesota Select Dental Network

This network was created to support the programs administered by Delta Dental of Minnesota for Minnesota Health Care Program (MHCP) enrollees. These include: MinnesotaCare, Prepaid Medical Assistance Program (PMAP), Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO), Minnesota Senior Care Plus (MSC+), and Special Needs BasicCare (SNBC). Currently, Delta Dental of Minnesota administers dental services for Blue Plus, Hennepin Health, Medica, UCare and South Country Health Alliance.

Minnesota Select Dental Reimbursement:

Reimbursement for contracted providers is based on the Minnesota Department of Human Services base fee amounts. On average, health plans pay approximately 20% above the base fee for adults on the following programs: PMAP, MSHO, MSC+, and SNBC. All payments are made directly to the provider.

When non-participating providers deliver services to MHCP managed care enrollees through Delta Dental of Minnesota, payment to providers for MHCP covered services and plan-specific additional benefits is considered payment in full. Providers may not balance bill enrollees for these services with the exception of defined program cost sharing (e.g. co-payments). Members may be billed for services not covered under this plan if appropriate advance notice to the beneficiary was made and signed by the member.

Minnesota’s Rule 101 (Minnesota Select Dental)

Participation in this network fulfills the requirement set up under Minnesota Law that is administered by DHS and Department of Employee Relations (DOER). The Rule states that if a dentist who practices in the seven-county metropolitan area serves State, County, City, Municipal or State University employees, the dentist must also agree to see MHCP patients.

In order to comply with Rule 101, a dentist needs to be contracted with one or more of the following to serve MHCP enrollees:

  • DHS
  • Delta Dental of Minnesota, which administers the Minnesota Select Dental Network
  • HealthPartners
  • Itasca Medical Care (IMC)
  • A 10 percent* threshold was set by the legislature, which allows a dentist to limit their practice to new MHCP patients if:

    The practice is closed to all new patients (all insurers even if it falls below the 10 percent) or the practice has reached a total of the practicing patient encounters as being MHCP patients. *10 percent of all encounters (not patients)

    Delta Dental Medicare Advantage

    This network currently supports the UCare Medicare Plans, EssentiaCare, and Aspirus Medicare Plans. Providers must participate in the Minnesota Select Dental network in order to join the Delta Dental Medicare Advantage network. Members can see both participating and non-participating providers. Providers who have opted out of Medicare are not able to participate in this network.

    Delta Dental Medicare Advantage Dentist Participation

    All Minnesota dentists who also participate in the Minnesota Select Dental network are eligible to join this network. Delta Dental would like to encourage dentists to participate in this network and continue to provide dental services for both existing patients and new patients.

    Dentists interested in participating in this network need to complete the following information:

    Delta Dental of Minnesota Delta Dental Medicare Advantage Participation Agreement – this agreement applies to the above information Dentist or Clinic Credentialing information