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University of Minnesota Student Dental Plans

We're happy to be your partner in dental health! The links below will help you navigate your dental plan.

Understanding Your Coverage

For a snapshot of your coverage, check out your Benefit Summary. We encourage you to view your Benefit Booklet for full details.

Find a Dentist Near You

Smile – you’re part of the nation’s most extensive dentist network. By going to an in-network dentist, you’ll save even more money. Need some help finding a dentist?

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Set Up Your Account

You can manage your account and claims, see your history and more all on the online member portal.

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How to Read Your EOB

After you have a procedure done, you will likely recieve an Explaination of Benefits (EOB). Understand how to read your EOB here.

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Getting braces can be a big commitment. Here are a few things you can expect and some tips for care after you get them put on.

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Floss vs. Toothpicks

When you feel something stuck in your teeth, your instinct might be to reach for a toothpick. However, they don't offer the same benefits of dental floss and can even cause harm when used too often or incorrectly.

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September 24th, 2019

Soothing sore gums

Gum pain can be a serious distraction. If you notice anything unusual happening to your gums, contact your dentist to set up an appointment right away. They will be able to detect the underlying cause and offer you the best treatment solutions.

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