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Welcome Providers

Important Message for Providers

Updated September 2019

Beginning later this year; Delta Dental of Minnesota will begin requiring additional documentation along with claims submission for select CDT codes.

Click here for additional information.

Updated June 2019

Please make sure claims are submitted with accurate information. Claims must match exactly what's listed on the member's ID card:

  • Patient first and last name
  • Patient Date of Birth
  • Subscriber first and last name
  • ID Number

To ensure proper processing moving forward; it is essential that claims exactly match enrollment records.

Updated April 2019

In the latter part of 2019, Delta Dental of Minnesota is planning a move to a new administrative system. We’re excited about the enhancements this move will bring to our provider partners and members. Updates related to this change include:

  • New member ID cards
  • New claims processing system and claims mailing address
  • Enhanced provider portal/dental office toolkit
  • Electronic credentialing

We’ll share additional information and next steps in the coming months. Watch for more details on our website and in upcoming newsletters. Be assured that how you do business with us today will continue in the future. Thank you for your continued partnership.


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Important Notice

Do you need to change or update a dentist or clinic record? Please redirect your email to [email protected] or call 800-328-1188. Listen to the prompts and select accordingly.

Do you have questions regarding credentialing and recredentialing? Please redirect your email to [email protected] or call 800-328-1188. Listen to the prompts and select accordingly.

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Updated: 10.2022

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