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Classroom Video

Smiles@School Classroom Video

Dr. Crespo & Dr. Nina share oral health tips with first grade classrooms across Minnesota.

Parent Video

Smiles@School Parent Video

Dr. Crespo & Dr. Nina share the importance of strong oral health habits in the home.

Helping first-graders in Minnesota keep their smiles healthy!


My name is Riley. If you are a first-grader like me, you might have lots of questions about your teeth. But don’t worry, I’m here to help!

First grade is a great time to learn all about our teeth and how to take care of them, so let's do that together!

Check out the Smiles@School activity book and videos to learn how your teeth and mouth work.

It might seem hard to take care of your teeth, but it can be fun, too. You’ll find lots of good ways to keep your mouth healthy. And remember, you can always ask an adult for help.

Let’s get started!

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Download you 2019 Smiles@School Booklet

The basics of brushing and flossing

Brushing and flossing should be part of your every-day routine. But it can be tricky. Be sure to ask an adult if you need help!

Water is the way to go

Drinking water helps your mouth stay clean! Water can wash away sugar and leftover food from your teeth and also helps keep you hydrated.

Your teeth grow with you

Losing your teeth is a normal part of growing up. It’s important to take care of your baby teeth and your adult teeth, too!

Keep cavities away

Both good germs and bad germs live in your mouth. Bad germs and sugar work together and can cause cavities. It’s important to brush and floss every day in order to stop cavities in your mouth!

Download Activity Sheets

Caring for your teeth can be fun! These tooth-friendly activities are sure to make you smile.