Benefits That Go Beyond Dental

Delta Dental of Minnesota offers value-added benefits that enhance our dental plans! Wondering what your plan includes? The Xs on the chart below mark what benefits are provided for different plans.

comparison table

Learn more about these extra benefits:

International Dental Emergency Services

We automatically provide worldwide emergency dental coverage for all our members who travel abroad for business or leisure. Emergency dental services are provided by credentialed dentists located in most major travel destinations. For details, refer to our:

International Expatriate Dental Program

The International Expatriate Dental Program allows companies to offer their overseas employees a dental benefit plan similar to stateside dental plans. Employees working and living abroad (and their dependents) receive care from credentialed dentists located throughout Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Asia, and in most desired travel destinations throughout the world. For details, refer to our:

Amplifon Hearing Health Care

Amplifon Hearing Health Care, formerly HearPO, is dedicated to helping you hear better. Amplifon offers custom hearing solutions from the leading manufacturers, expert care to make sure your expectations are met, and low prices negotiated on your behalf.

Global Emergency Services

If you travel 100 miles from your permanent residence, or to another country, you now have a unique global emergency services company to help connect you with doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other necessary services in the event of an emergency.

Live Lively™ Powered by Delta Dental

Live Lively is an online health and wellness platform that supports and rewards engagement in your overall health. Enjoy a community of like-minded people, while earning points for everyday healthy choices. The program is free for you and your family.