Delta Dental of Minnesota and Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation Award 17 Grants Totaling Nearly $627,000
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April 16th, 2015

Delta Dental of Minnesota and Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation Award 17 Grants Totaling Nearly $627,000

Minneapolis, Minn. (April 16, 2015) - Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation and Delta Dental Community Benefit awarded 17 grants totaling $627,000 to programming that supports Delta Dental of Minnesota’s mission of improving health though oral health in Minnesota.

Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation grants included:

Family HealthCare, Greater Minnesota – NW, $100,000 Oral Health Access Expansion. Expand dental services by adding two new dental operatories in their Moorhead clinic in order to provide follow-up care for Mission of Mercy patients who need a dental home.

Minnesota Dental Foundation, Minnesota (Statewide), $85,000 Donated Dental Services. Provide free dental care to people who have disabilities or who are elderly or medically at-risk and unable to afford care.

University of Minnesota Foundation, Minnesota (Statewide), $177,000 Use of an Occlusal Support Device During the Second Stage of Labor. Determine if use of an occlusal support device during the second stage of labor can reduce the duration and intensity of the second stage of labor.

Delta Dental of Minnesota’s responsive grants included:

Bolder Options, Twin Cities (Metro), $10,000 Health and Wellness Program. Provide activity-based mentoring programs for at-risk youth to raise the participants' awareness that oral health is an essential part of overall health.

Children’s Defense Fund, Twin Cities (Metro), $10,000 Native American Freedom Schools: Parent Education and Engagement. Provide parent engagement classes and activities focused on oral health education, affordability and access to parents of Native American children.

Children’s Dental Health Services, Greater Minnesota – SE, $30,000 School-based Preventive Dental Care and Oral Health Education for Underserved Children. Provide preventive dental care, along with practical oral hygiene education, to underserved children in SE Minnesota.

Children’s Dental Services, Twin Cities (Metro), $46,000 Clinical Improvement Project. Make upgrades to the primary clinical and administrative headquarters required to ensure that dental services are safe and meet hygiene standards.

CHUM, Greater Minnesota – NE, $15,000 Dental Services for Homeless/Recently Homeless People. Provide dental care coordination and treatment to low-income and homeless adults and children.

Community University Health Care Center, Twin Cities (Metro), $30,000 Children's Dental Access Program. Support to increase access to preventive dental care and dental treatment for low-income children.

Doorstep Healthcare Service, Twin Cities (Metro), $20,000 Mobile Dental Program Updates. Purchase new mobile dental equipment to continue providing care to the underserved while improving patient care and efficiency.

Gillette Children’s Hospital, Twin Cities (Metro), $20,000 Dental Hygienist for Gillette's Dental Clinic. Hire an additional dental hygienist in order to increase the number of appointments available to patients.

Northland Foundation, Greater Minnesota – NE, $10,000 Rural Early Childhood Oral Health and Nutrition Initiative. Promote the oral health, overall health and social, emotional development of young children through training sessions for caregivers.

Open Door Health Center, Greater Minnesota – SW, $20,000 School Dental Outreach Program. Provide preventive oral health care to underserved children through education, oral health screenings, and fluoride varnish application.

Red River Valley Dental Access Project, Greater Minnesota – NW, $9,000 Urgent Care Walk-In Dental Clinic. Continue to support the part-time Triage Coordinator and purchase specialized surgical instruments for the volunteer dentists to utilize at the Urgent Care Walk-In Dental Clinic.

Union Gospel Mission, Twin Cities (Metro), $15,000 Mobile X-Ray Equipment for Community Dental Outreach Events. Support to expand treatment to underserved children and adults through the purchase of two mobile x-ray units.

Vietnamese Social Services of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Metro), $10,000 Refugee and Immigrant Oral Health Promotion Project. Promote oral health education programs and increase access to oral health services for at-risk refugee and immigrant families and children.

Women’s Advocates, Twin Cities (Metro), $10,000 Oral Health Services. Eliminate barriers to good oral health for victims of domestic violence by providing oral health education and care coordination.

About the Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation:

Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation supports Delta Dental of Minnesota’s mission of improving the health, through oral health of the people in Minnesota. The Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation supports initiatives that promote access to oral health for the underserved, especially in rural areas and for people living with low incomes across the state.

About Delta Dental of Minnesota:

Delta Dental of Minnesota is an independent, tax---exempt, nonprofit health services company that serves the oral health needs of Minnesota and North Dakota residents. Since 1969, Delta Dental of Minnesota has accomplished this mission by providing the best access across the state to oral healthcare through affordable dental plans. Delta Dental is an authorized licensee of the Delta Dental Plans Association of Oak Brook, Illinois. To learn more, go to