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Frequently Asked Questions by Employers

Who is Delta Dental ConnectSM?

Delta Dental Connect is an experienced group of sales and service representatives dedicated to responding to the questions of our brokers and small group administrators (2-100 employees).

Delta Dental Connect services include:

  • Rate and product information
  • New group implementation
  • On-site information/education sessions
  • Sales and requests for proposal
  • Post-sale service/account management
  • Renewals

Contact us at 651-406-5920; 1-800-906-5250; or [email protected]. For individually rated groups of 100 or more employees, please contact Sales and Marketing. [Return]

What constitutes an eligible employee for dental coverage with Delta Dental’s smaller employer plans?

Full-time employees working a minimum of 20 hours per week or subject to the employer’s practice (if greater than 20 hours per week) are eligible. Seasonal or temporary employees are usually not eligible. [Return]

As a new benefits administrator, what materials and acknowledgment can I expect?

The benefits administrator for our new customers receives:

  • Welcome letter
  • Group contract
  • Administration manual
  • Identification card and summary plan booklet for each employee

If a broker is associated with the new group, he/she also receives a copy of the welcome letter and contract. [Return]

What sections on the enrollment form must be filled out?

The benefits administrator and/or broker is responsible for ensuring the employee sections of the enrollment form are complete and accurate for each enrolled employee. The employee’s signature is required.

The section labeled “Other Insurance Coverage” should be completed as accurately as possible, as Delta Dental uses this information to determine group participation. If an employee waives all coverage, or is married and wants employee-only coverage, information on whether or not the employee’s dependents have coverage and if so, the name of their carrier, must be provided.

The “Group Enrollment Information” section at the bottom of the form must also be completed. [Return]

Does Delta Dental have a minimum premium contribution required by employers to set up a dental plan?

Delta Dental no longer has a minimum premium contribution requirement. If the participation and underwriting requirements are met, the group will be approved for coverage. Group plans that have less than 50 percent employer premium contribution are typically considered to be voluntary. [Return]

What coverage do employees of a Minnesota company have if they live outside the state?

Out-of-state employees of Minnesota companies have the same coverage as employees who live in Minnesota. And because Delta Dental offers the nation’s largest network, it’s easy to find an in-network provider in all 50 states. Multi-state employers with 2-100 employees where 20% or more of employees reside outside of Minnesota should contact Delta Dental Connect for details. [Return]

How are dental benefits affected if a dependent child is ill or injured and can no longer attend school on a full-time basis?

Under Michelle’s Law, if an unmarried dependent child who was attending a postsecondary educational institution on a full-time basis and is currently covered under the parent’s dental benefit policy becomes seriously ill or is injured, he/she may continue to be covered. In order to remain covered, a physician must provide written documentation supporting the need for a medical leave. For details, access:

Michelle’s Law Disabled Dependent/Michelle’s Law Application