Digital Tools for Members
Delta Dental of Minnesota

Digital tools for members

Utilize your benefits to the fullest with the Member Portal and mobile app

Once you sign up for the Member Portal, you’ll be able to access your information in the mobile app as well.

The Delta Dental Member Portal and mobile app use single sign on between the platforms, meaning only one username and password are needed for both!

Member Portal and mobile app features:

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  • Digital ID card
  • Find a dentist
  • Coverage details
  • Claim details
  • Cost estimator
  • Digital Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
    Available exclusively on the Member Portal

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With our Find a Dentist tool you can verify your current dentist's network participation or find a new in-network dentist near you that fits your preferences and accessibility.

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Do you have DeltaVision®? Select an eye doctor based on their specialty, hours of operation, and eyewear brands available. Find an in-network eye doctor near you!