How to Choose a Dental Plan
Delta Dental of Minnesota

What to consider before you buy:

Evaluate Your Needs

Everyone has different health needs – including you and the dependents covered under your plan. Individuals with risk factors, such as tobacco use or prior cavities, will have different needs. And families with children will likely need to consider different dental care needs than an older couple or a young individual.

Do you match any of the below?

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  • First-time buyers You usually face fewer oral health challenges, but it’s still important to have a dental plan in case unexpected dental work is needed.

  • Head of household

    You are more likely to have a family, or to be considering starting one soon. You will need a plan that covers you, your spouse and your children.

  • Retiree

    You may have retired from your job, but it’s important not to retire from your dental benefits.

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Know the Plan’s Value

Not only do dental benefits save you money by lowering the cost of dental treatments and sharing expenses with the carrier, but you can save even more money by using an in-network dentist.

Bonus: Studies have shown that people who have dental benefits are more likely to go to the dentist, and people who visit the dentist regularly are more likely to report a healthy mouth and better overall well-being than those who don’t.

Compare Coverage

What plan best suits your financial needs? Look at the deductible and copays for varying levels of care, as well as the different premiums.

Understand Enhanced Benefits

In addition to typical coverage, some carriers offer enhanced benefits. Enhanced benefits provide extra oral health care for people who may benefit from additional dental services due to specific health conditions. For example, people with diabetes, heart conditions or oral cancer may benefit from additional cleanings to help maintain their overall health. Some dental plans may also include add-ons, such as orthodontic benefits.