Health Care Reform

Need to meet the requirements of Health Care Reform? We have a product for you!

Certified Pediatric Dental is one of 10 Essential Health Benefits that must be offered to individuals when purchasing a medical plan. We have you covered with a choice of 2 Pediatric Dental plans and 7 Individual & Family dental plans. The Affordable Care Act does not apply to individual stand-alone adult dental coverage. You are able to continue the plans that you have depended upon to meet your ongoing oral health care needs.

Certified Pediatric dental for members to age 19 may be needed to complete the 10 essential benefits your health plan is required to offer which may be included in a health plan or is available for purchase directly from Delta Dental or through an online marketplace exchange.

Individuals and Families have the option to purchase health and Dental benefits on MNsure, Minnesota’s online marketplace while North Dakota residences may purchase medical and dental plans on the Federal Exchange.

Open enrollment for January 1, 2015 plan effective date is through December 15th, 2015.

Purchasing a certified stand-alone dental plan either on or off the insurance exchanges can satisfy any pediatric dental requirement. You do not have to purchase dental through a medical plan. This is important to know because there may be significant advantages in purchasing a stand-alone dental plan including:

– A much smaller deductible may apply before non-preventive services are paid.
– Superior dental networks, delivering greater access and cost savings on coinsurance.
– Dedicated dental claim processing for accuracy, convenience and faster turn-around time.
– Customer service exclusively focused on dental.
– A much lower out of pocket maximum to satisfy before benefits are paid in full.

For more information about our Individual & Family Dental plans, visit or call 1-866-764-5350.