Electronic Claims

Delta Dental of Minnesota would like to be your partner in making the claims submission process easier and more efficient. By utilizing electronic claims submission, we establish a two-way exchange of information, thus helping us process claims accurately and in a timely manner.

Please note: Minnesota law requires dentists practicing in the state of Minnesota to file claims electronically.

For more information from Delta Dental on processing claims and special requirements, refer to the Electronic Claims Submission Guide or call Customer Service at 1-800-328-1188 and request a paper copy.

To ensure electronic claims are processed accurately and efficiently:


  • Submit the correct subscriber ID number (found on the ID card) and the subscriber’s date of birth.
    • For Medica, submit the 9-digit ID number printed on the dental ID card. Note: Some members may have a 16-digit ID number printed on their medical/dental ID cards. In this case, the first five (5) digits are the group number and the next nine (9) digits are the ID number to be used for dental claims.
    • For Public Programs, submit the patient’s ID number, which is the state-issued Person Master Index (PMI) number, not the subscriber’s SSN.


  • Review your response reports forwarded by your clearinghouse to determine if there are any errors on claims.
  • Secondary Coordination of Benefits (COB) claims should include the primary paid amount on the electronically submitted claim. If this amount is not listed on the claim, you will receive a follow-up letter requesting this information, which will in turn delay processing. Note: We do not need a copy of the primary Explanation of Benefits (EOB).
  • To submit X-rays* or other claim related materials, two options allow faster claim resolution:
    • National Electronic Attachment, Inc. (NEA), your best option.
    • Web submission via this Website, second option. Sign In to view our dentist application.
    • Other submission methods are e-mail, fax or mail. When not using NEA to submit attachments or X-rays*, a Claim Attachment must be used in order to match the attachments to the electronic claim.

* X-rays are rarely required; before sending, check your Dental Office Administrative Manual.