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Welcome to Delta Dental of Minnesota’s Web site created just for Wells Fargo Members. This site is your one-stop source for up-to-date information on your dental plan and oral health.

Your Oral Health
Wells Fargo recognizes the importance of long-term oral health and the value of preventive health. Your dental plan covers diagnostic and preventive check-ups, twice a year. When you use an in-network provider, eligible diagnostic and preventive services are covered at 100%, even if you have already reached your annual maximum for other services. If you use a non-network provider, there may be out-of-pocket costs to you for diagnostic and preventive services. Be sure to brush, floss and visit your dentist regularly. Regular check-ups are invaluable in identifying dental problems, which left undiagnosed and untreated, may become more serious and more costly to treat.

Benefit Summaries and Frequently Asked Questions
Look up plan features and find out your cost share for covered services.

Wells Fargo Benefits Summaries for Team Members and COBRA Participants
Wells Fargo Benefits Summary for Retirees
Frequently Asked Questions
Glossary of Dental and Benefit Terms

Dentist Search
Click here for the national Dentist Search, which lists participating dentists and specialists in your area. There are several advantages to choosing a participating dentist:

Negotiated discounts -- Network dentists agree to rates that are often lower than their usual fees. In other words, as a member, you benefit from negotiated opportunities for savings.

No balance billing -- With a network dentist, you won't be billed for the difference between the actual procedure charge and what the plan allows. When you receive care from a non-network dentist, you are responsible for the balance of the bill.

No paperwork -- When you use network dentists, there's no paperwork. Dentists bill Delta Dental, and we pay them directly. Members choosing a non-network dentist may have to submit their own claim for covered expenses.

If you do not have a dentist, feel free to refer to our informational tip sheet on things you may want to consider when Selecting a Dentist.

If your dentist does not participate in a Delta Dental Network, it is easy to recommend him or her for membership. Simply print the Dental Recruitment Nomination Form and bring it to your dentist.

Note: Whether you have the Standard or Enhanced Plan, you can choose a dentist from either the Delta Dental PPO network or the Delta Dental Premier network. Plan payments will be the highest (and your payment responsibility the lowest) when you choose a dentist in the Delta Dental PPO network. The DeltaCare option on the online dentist search does not apply to Wells Fargo.

Oral Health
Did you know your oral health is directly tied to your overall health? Access the latest in oral health by connecting with us!
ID Cards
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Claims Inquiry and Claim Forms
Delta Dental’s Claims Inquiry provides users with information including procedure detail, deductibles and claim payment status.

If you visit a non-network dentist and need a Claim Form - Enhanced or Claim Form - Standard, it can be mailed to:

Delta Dental of Minnesota
P. O. Box 622
Minneapolis, MN 55440-0622

Additional Information
For inquiries on claims or network dentists, please call Delta Dental at 1-877-598-5342 or 651-994-5342. For additional information about your dental plan, refer to your Summary Plan Description (SPD) available online at Teamworks or from home at www.wellsfargo.com/teamworks.

Benefits Inquiry
Delta Dental's Benefits Inquiry provides users with a summary of eligibility and benefits determined by current status and/or processed claims data.