Welcome State of Minnesota Employees

Welcome to the dental benefit information page specially created for State of Minnesota employees enrolled in the State Dental Plan, which is administered by Delta Dental of Minnesota.* You'll find around-the-clock access to your claims history and benefits information, as well as our glossary of dental and benefit terms and how a dental plan works.

Oral Health
NEW! Check out The Smile Files, our microsite dedicated to providing information to help improve your oral health. Each month, the microsite is updated with oral health information specific to the time of year. The microsite also includes:
  • A dental risk assessment quiz
  • Smile Squad™, an interactive tool that makes oral care fun for kids
  • A link to additional articles on a variety of oral health topics
  • And, more!
Dentist Search
In addition to providing advice on how to select a dentist, we are proud to offer a dentist search, which lists participating dentists and specialists in your area. To start, go to "Find A Dentist" in the "Quick Links" section and select State Dental Plan (Group 216) under product or network type.
Please note, while you now may receive coverage from any dentist, we encourage you to visit an in-network dentist to receive a higher level of benefits and to avoid additional out-of-pocket costs.

Eligibility and Benefits Inquiry
With our Subscriber Connection, you can verify eligibility and check plan information, coverage maximums and specific dollar amounts used for the benefit year.

Claims Inquiry
Delta Dental's Subscriber Connection also provides users with information including procedure detail, amounts owed by you and paid by Delta Dental, deductibles applied and claim status.

Although in-network dentists will submit your claims for you, you may need to submit claims directly to Delta Dental if you visit an out-of-network dentist. Please find this address on our Contact Us page.

Benefit Summary
For a summary of your dental plan, please view the State Dental Plan benefit summary. Since this provides only a summary of benefits, you should refer to your Certificate of Coverage for a complete list of covered services, limitations and exclusions.

Contact Us
Feel free to call the State Dental Plan at 1-800-553-9536 if you need assistance with the following:
  • Orthodontics coverage;
  • Dentist options; or
  • General information.
*Delta Dental of Minnesota ("DDMN") is an authorized licensee of Delta Dental Plans Association, Chicago Illinois ("DDPA"). The State Dental Plan is not an authorized licensee of DDPA and nothing contained in this statement or set forth in this document is intended to imply or suggest that the State Dental Plan is in any way authorized, sponsored, endorsed, or approved by DDPA.