International Emergency Dental Program
We automatically provide worldwide emergency dental coverage for all our members who travel abroad for business or leisure. Emergency dental services are provided by credentialed dentists located in most major travel destinations. For details, refer to our:
International Expatriate Dental Program
The International Expatriate Dental Program allows companies to offer their overseas employees a dental benefit plan similar to stateside dental plans. Employees working and living abroad (and their dependents) receive care from credentialed dentists located throughout Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Asia, and in most desired travel destinations throughout the world. For details, refer to our:
Reimbursement for Dental Services
If you receive dental care internationally, please pay the dentist directly and ask for a receipt. For details, see our:
  • Claim Form and Instructions for Members has information regarding this process. Print out and submit the claim form, along with the receipt, to the address listed on the claim form, so we can reimburse you.
  • Dentist Nomination form - fill out this form and we'll contact your dentist to encourage him or her to participate in our program.