Enrollment Reporting

Accurate and timely enrollment information from the group allows us to respond to member inquiries, process claims correctly and generate accurate billing statements. We offer three methods for reporting enrollment information. The method a group uses depends on such factors as the group size, level of change activity, and required reporting frequency.

Online Enrollment
Online Enrollment allows you to view and apply daily additions, changes and terminations to the membership file in real time. If you have a signed HIPAA Business Associate agreement with us, simply complete and submit an Online Enrollment User Request Form. Then you'll be able to sign in to use this feature.

Electronic Enrollment
Recommended for employee groups of 500+, Electronic Enrollment facilitates the transfer of enrollment information in a standard data format, which increases data accuracy and decreases turnaround time. This requires HIPAA 834 file format sent via FTP. Contact your marketing representative for information on our implementation process and file format requirements.

Paper Enrollment
If Online or Electronic Enrollment are not options, we also accept enrollment and changes using enrollment forms: You can also request multi-part forms from your marketing representative.