About 3M's Dental Plan

Delta Dental of Minnesota is the claims administrator for 3M's dental plan. 3Mers have access to the Delta Dental PPO (formerly DeltaPreferred Option) and Delta Dental Premier (formerly DeltaPremier) network of dentists. 3M's dental plan is a "silent" Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), which provides discounts for services. With a "silent" PPO, you can visit any dentist inside or outside the network and receive the same benefit level from the plan. However, visiting a dentist in the Delta Dental PPO or Delta Dental Premier network may save you money. In-network dentists agree to charge competitive, discounted rates to 3M and 3Mers.

For more information
If you are an active 3M employee, find details about what is covered under your 3M Dental Plan by visiting the Your Benefits Resources™ website. You can access the site in two ways:

  • Through 3M Source > Life & Career > 3M Total Rewards (401k, Benefits & More) (under “Quick Links”) > Details (next to “Health & Wellness”). Once on the Your Benefits Resources website, click "Details" next to Dental.
  • Through the Internet: http://resources.hewitt.com/3M

For additional assistance, contact 3M FIRST Line Center at (888) 611-5500 (toll free).